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web based insurance agency management system - aspire login screen

Aspire Login Screen

Description: The Aspire login screen is the first screen that users see when trying to log into this revolutionary insurance agency management software. It’s simple and clean, just like the entire agency management system.

insurance agency management system - customizable executive dashboard

Customizable Executive Dashboard

Description: When a user first logs into Aspire, the first screen they come to is the Executive Dashboard. This informative screen provide details on important activities and due dates for the agency. Each user can customize the view of this dashboard and save it so that it appears a certain way each time. Additionally, each item within a dashlet is a link which takes users directly to the contact, policy, task, etc. with a single click of the mouse.

Aspire Contact List and Contact Preview Screen

Aspire Contact List and Contact Preview Screen

Description: At the core of Aspire lies a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This CRM has been tailored for the insurance industry to provide users with unparalleled management of all departments within an agency. As you can see from this image, the contact module is very thorough and includes the most pertinent information at the user’s fingertips along with advanced searching capabilities.

Aspire Contact Information Gathering

Aspire Contact Information Gathering

Description: Aspire allows users to collect a variety of information about a contact. Other than your basic contact information, you are able to collect several phone numbers, email addresses, Instant Message screen names, up to 7 addresses and more.

insurance CRM software - aspire activity tab in preview column

Aspire Activity Tab

Description: The right side of the screen is called the preview pane. Within this pane, information about the selected contact on the left side is displayed. Here, you are looking at the Activity tab. This tab displays all of the documents, notes, tasks, alternate contacts and appointments that are associated with this contact, all in one place.

insurance software - aspire policies tab in preview column

Aspire Policies Tab

Description: Aspire puts all the info you need in an easy to use insurance agency management software. This screen shot shows how all policy information for any one contact is available by simply selecting the contact and clicking on the Policies tab. From here, the user can easily navigate directly to the policy they are searching for by simply clicking the View icon in the right column.

insurance accounting software - aspire transactions tab in preview pane

Aspire Transactions tab in Preview Pane

Description:If you want to see all of the transactions for a particular customer, simply select the customer form the list and click on the “Transactions” tab. It will display a list of all invoices generated and also tell you which ones have been paid or which are pending.

best insurance agency management software - aspire agency policy list and preview screen

Aspire Agency Policy List and Preview Screen

Description: Aspire’s layout is one of the easiest to follow and work with. This screen shot is of our “Policies” tab. As you can see, all of the pertinent information regarding a policy is readily available at your fingertips. Common tasks performed on a policy are a simple click or two away.

acord form software - aspire fillable acord forms

Aspire Fillable ACORD Forms

Description: We, in conjunction with ACORD, have taken a hybrid approach to integrating ACORD forms into our agency management system. Not only does data transfer from the Aspire application screens to the ACORD forms, but the forms are also fillable. The forms, once saved, are stored in a database for easy access in the future to view or edit.

fillable acord forms - aspire software - commercial insurance application acord 125

Commercial Insurance Application ACORD Forms

Description: Whether your agency is a personal lines shop, commercial lines agency or a mix of both, Aspire has you covered. We have integrated fillable ACORD forms for applications, certificates and much more. Our hybrid approach to developing these forms, using ACORD eForms, allows users to complete the forms via screens, on the ACORD form itself or a combination of both.

Policy Quote Management

Policy Quote Management

Description: Ever wish you could track any and all quotes obtained for a prospect or customer? Aspire includes this to a very detailed degree, allowing users to save and keep track of all quote information with notes and document attachments.

Common Tasks Made Easy

Common Tasks Made Easy

Description: Ever wish you could track any and all quotes obtained for a prospect or customer? Aspire includes this to a very detailed degree, allowing users to save and keep track of all quote information with notes and document attachments.



Description: Once an endorsement is made in Aspire, it retains memory of the endorsement on renewal so you don’t have to go back and look up what changes were made to a policy while it was active.

insurance claims management software - aspire policy claims tab in preview column

Claims Management in Aspire

Description: Although most agents don’t keep track of customer claims, Aspire provides the functionality for users to manage claims to a great degree of detail. If used to its full potential, agents will be able to run their own loss runs and generate their own loss ratios by carrier or line of business. All claims for any contact are stored in a easy to access list.

insurance software sync with outlook - aspire calendar

Aspire Calendar

Description: Aspire helps insurance agents and employees get organized. The built in calendar keeps track of appointments, renewals and other important items such as agency/employee license expiration dates. Automated reminders make sure nothing is missed. You can even sync this calendar with Outlook and make entries public (where all users in an agency will see the entry on their calendars), private (where it will only show on your calendar) or limited (where you choose who you want to share the entry with).

insurance agency document management software - aspire documents module

Aspire Documents Module

Description: Aspire’s document management features allow you to easily upload documents and attach them to any contact or policy in the system. The “Documents” tab goes one step further and allows you to easily recollect or search the history of documents attached within any time frame.

insurance agency task management software - aspire tasks module

Aspire Task Management Module

Description: Aspire delegates and handles tasks extremely well. In fact, it can really be an application by itself…it’s that good! Whether you need to assign a task to someone, to yourself or to an entire department within your agency, our task management module will let you do it quickly and help you stay on top of it, all completely automated. Best of all, within a task, you can assign documents, notes, appointments or even add other tasks. Those days about assigning and forgetting are over!

insurance reporting software - aspire x date report

Aspire X Date Report

Description: Reports in Aspire are unique because the information is dynamic. This means that users can generate a report and then go directly to the contact, policy, transaction, etc. from the report by clicking on each record. Plus, reports can be exported to Excel for added functionalities.

insurance agency managment system with graphical reports - aspire bar graph reports

Aspire Graphical Reports - Bar Graphs

Description: Reporting capabilities are an important part of any insurance agency management system. Aspire provides you with dozens of reports to help manage your business effectively. Additionally, included are graphical reports which depict various data useful in your business. This is an example of a bar graph report which shows how much commission the agency is earning from each carrier they write with.

insurance agency reporting software - aspire graphical reports - pie chart

Aspire Graphical Reports - Pie Charts

Description: Aspire has dozens of built in reports. They can be viewed within your browser screen and they can be exported directly to Microsoft Excel. Reports generated are also active, which means each record has links which will take you directly to the contact, policy, etc. that you’re looking for. Then there are graphical reports. This is an example of a pie chart which agency income from business written by producers within an agency.

insurance agency customer service survey software - aspire survey feature

Aspire Survey Feature

Description: Aspire includes a built in survey module which allows you to conduct surveys whenever you want. These surveys are simple to create and distribute and the responses are easy to analyze. Each survey question can have one of three response types: open-ended, multiple-choice or a rating scale (1 to 5). Your creativity is the only limit in terms of how this can be used to benefit your business. Surveys can be created for all kinds of contacts in your database, including prospects, customers, employees, vendors, etc.

Versatile and Customizable Agency Settings

Versatile and Customizable Agency Settings

Description: Aspire allows an agency administrator with a variety of ways to control his/her agency settings and users. From detailed user profile set up to agency license details, Aspire manages it all.

insurance agency customer portal software - aspire customer portal login screen - better than csr24

Aspire Customer Portal Login Screen

Description: The Customer Portal Login Screen can be embedded within your agency’s website to allow your customers to have access to their policy information 24/7.

insurance agency website - aspire customer portal features

Aspire Customer Portal

Description: The Aspire Customer Portal is a unique and very popular feature which allows agencies of all sizes to have a relevant presence on the web. It can be embedded into your website and you can allow your customers to do business with you on their own terms and in their own spare time. Plus, it allows you to market your website and actually give visitors a reason to keep coming back. From within the customer portal, clients can update their contact information, view/download/print their own ID Cards and Certificates, file claims, request changes and much more. The customer portal can also be customized to fit an agency’s color scheme. Of course, all items are tracked in Aspire and require approval by the agency.

insurance agency management software - aspire chat - internal instant messaging

Aspire Chat - Internal Instant Messaging

Description: Constant communication between employees helps an office run better. However, when it happens via the phone, it takes up time. Instant messaging services are great, but can’t always be controlled by employers. For this reason, Aspire includes a built-in chat feature accessible in two ways: one to one chat and one to many group chat via chat room.

insurance agency management system - aspire chatroom for internal chat with multiple people

Aspire Group Chat for Internal Chat with Multiple People

Description: The Aspire Group Chat feature allows employees to communicate with one or more people at the same time. This window can generally be left open throughout the work day and keeps the entire organization up-to-date with what’s going on in the agency. Users can also invite other users to the chat room if their input is needed on a matter.

insurance agent e&o insurance - aspire audit log report per contact

Aspire Audit Log Report

Description: Aspire keeps a very detailed audit trail of actions taken on contacts and policies. This allows agency owners to track what was done, who did it and on what date/time. This report is gathered and updated automatically and can never be edited or deleted. It is great to have for E&O purposes.

insurance agent e&o insurance - aspire audit log report per contact

Google Maps API Integration

Description: From the contact preview screen, with a click of the mouse, you can open up Google Maps and view properties in Google Earth or Street View. The API is dynamic and allows you to click and move along the maps.

insurance drip marketing - aspire automated email marketing campaigns - better than infusionsoft

Aspire Automated Email Marketing Campaigns

Description: Automated email marketing campaigns are the wave of the future for the insurance industry. They save precious time and money and accomplish things like never before. Aspire includes this “drip” marketing service which allows you to set up campaigns for various different scenarios. Within each campaign, users set up the frequency and content of each email. Once the campaign set up is complete, simply include contacts into these campaigns and let Aspire handle it from there.

insurance lead management software - aspire lead management

Aspire’s Lead Management Feature

Description: Aspire includes a lead management feature. Ever wish you could track your ROI on a promotional campaign? Whether it’s a newspaper ad or you buy leads for your agency, you can set them up in Aspire and track their progress every step of the way. Useful reports are also associated with this feature along with expense and income tracking, showing you real results.

insurance marketing software - aspire automated newsletters on hobbies and interests

Aspire Automated Newsletters

Description: Aspire allows users to create and send newsletters on the fly. These newsletters can be created with rich content and be routed via email to any contact or group in your database. Aspire also includes automated newsletters based on your contact’s preferred hobbies and interests. No, Aspire will not send out boring, generic and out-dated information. It will send out the hottest and most relevant news stories on the day it goes out. They are sent by email with the agency logo included along with an area for agents to include their own agency news or promotions!

mass emailing for insurance agency newsletter software - aspire mass email capabilities

Aspire Mass Email Capabilities

Description: Within many areas of Aspire, users have the ability to communicate by email. Mass emailing is also available for features like newsletters, marketing insurance applications to underwriters, etc. Selecting a person, multiple people or a group is simple and takes seconds to do. You can also send rich emails with full graphics using our built in WYSIWYG forms.

Aspire’s Integrations with Social Media Websites

Description: Aspire allows you to take your agency communication to the next level. Is your agency utilizing social media to gain consumer confidence and build rapport with clients? Whether the answer is yes or no, Aspire helps you cultivate relationships with people on a different level. It is done in a unique and professional manner so you don’t have to worry about your employees surfing these sites during work hours. In fact, the features can be disabled for certain users. Additionally, you can send out surveys, text messages, emails and more.

sms text messaging for insurance agency - aspire sms text capabilities

Aspire SMS Text Capabilities

Description: Text messaging is the way to communicate in the 21st century. It delivers a point in just a few characters. Forget having to chase down customers with voicemails and playing phone tag. Be heard using Aspire’s built in text messaging which allows users to send messages on the fly, mass text and even automated text messages for birthdays, anniversaries, payment reminders, etc.

Mobile Device Access

Mobile Device Access

Description: Text messaging is the way to communicate in the 21st century. It delivers a point in just a few characters. Forget having to chase down customers with voicemails and playing phone tag. Be heard using Aspire’s built in text messaging which allows users to send messages on the fly, mass text and even automated text messages for birthdays, anniversaries, payment reminders, etc.

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