An agency may have as many users as they need. Aspire is a scalable management system and works just as efficiently for an agency with one (1) user as it does for an agency with over a hundred (100)  users.
In order to utilize the full features and benefits of Aspire, we recommend every member of your team be a registered user.
You can easily generate complete ACORD forms using our customized hybrid interface in conjunction with fillable PDFs. This is a revolutionary tool that simplifies ACORD form creation, deletion, editing, viewing, printing and emailing.
Aspire provides an optional customer portal where you can give your customers access to view and print proof of insurance, including auto ID cards, as well as other documents you specify.
Yes, with Aspire, you can limit a user's login access by IP address and/or by time of day.
We have spent countless months, based on years of experience, developing the most user-friendly and intuitive interface in the market today. Although some of our competitors require 30+ hours of training, we are confident you will feel comfortable using the system from day one. Our training modules are easy to follow. However, to answer your question, our average user is “coasting without training wheels” within about 9 hours. In addition, we provide about 4 hours of “Super Admin” training for the administrators/owners of the agency.
Yes, Aspire has a chat feature, including an agency chat room, so you can quickly and easily chat online with your employees who are logged in to Aspire. You can text message and email your employees as well.
Although it is much more comprehensive for P&C, Aspire does provide CRM functionality and basic document management for life, disability and health.  Aspire will allow agencies to input basic policy information so it can be included in reports.
Our support hours have been designed to accommodate 95% of our users’ hours of operation.
Monday-Friday 9AM-6PM Central Time (CT).
Most file formats are allowed for upload into Aspire. This includes video files, audio files, Microsoft Office documents including Outlook emails, PDF and much more. The only file types not allowed are those that have these extensions: .exe .dll .cab .aspx .asp .js .bat .cmd .com .msi
The maximum size per file is 10MB. This allows for significant storage of all pertinent files and documents into Aspire.
This is the beauty of having a hosted, 100% web-based application. As we continue to improve Aspire by adding enhancements and new features,  these updates will be performed during your outside business hours, for example in the late nights or very early morning. Thus, as you log on during the start of your business day, you will see and be notified of these new features. In addition, once it is uploaded, everyone with Aspire will see these new features. There is no need to schedule agency-by-agency upgrades or plan for downtimes. This is the future.
Although Aspire will function as long as any internet connection is available, we do recommend at least a high-speed DSL or cable modem access. T1 would be optimum, but of course, not necessary. We have created Aspire with speed in mind regardless the type of connection to the internet. View a demo and you will see for yourself.
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