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Impowersoft’s mission has always centered around one word: Efficiency. Sure, there are definitely many unique features listed below, but the core functionalities of the application were thoroughly researched and developed to provide ease in performing the most frequent tasks. Hot buttons have been placed in many different places to allow one-click access which reduces the learning curve dramatically but also saves valuable time during the work day.

The next major focus of Aspire is to provide unmatched communication both internally and externally. If everyone within your agency is aware of deadlines and current status at any given time, it greatly reduces duplication and streamlines workflows. Through many automated notifications via email and/or SMS/text, you can rest assured that those who need to be in the loop certainly are.

We understand that “bells and whistles” are interesting and eye-opening, but our main focus is, and always will be, to increase productivity in the workplace. We will continue to enhance the software with this goal in mind. This is our commitment to you. Below are details to a list of other elements included and available in Aspire. We encourage you to request a demo to see firsthand how Aspire can help your organization.

Revolutionary Intuitive User Interface and CRM

Inspired by our core product, Align, the intuitive user interface and enhanced CRM provide our clients with:

Customizable dashboard based on individual user preference

  • Ability drag-and-drop dashboard screens
  • Information at a glance
  • Birthday reminders
  • Renewal reminders
  • Assigned tasks

Future-thinking design and layout

  • Get more done in less clicks
  • Aspire is accessible from any web-enabled computer, but in order to use all of Aspire’s features, the following configuration is required: Web Browser: Internet Explorer® 6.0 +; Operating System: Windows® 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10; Application: Adobe® Reader® 6.0 +; System Memory: 256 MB +

Complete control of contacts including personal, business, vendors, and employees

  • Personalized access with privacy settings
  • Drill- down reports of contacts and activities
  • Multiple avenues for communication (Email, SMS, Fax)
  • Social Networking integration via Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin

Full marketing module for surveys, newsletters, mass emailing/text messaging, and more

Less time for training, more time for growing your business. Become a user within minutes.

Modern and Scalable Technology

While others are still providing non-web, legacy-based applications or hybrid web-based infrastructures, Aspire takes it to the next level and beyond. We have created the future in agency management by building an application based on Microsoft’s .NET Framework 3.5 and SQL Server. What does this mean for our clients?

Ability for us to create a User Interface (UI) like no other in the world for the insurance industry

Increased speed and stability for immediate access from any web-capable computer or mobile device

Unmatched security, performance, and reliability

Seamless software upgrades (when new features are added)

  • No temporary or permanent patches that can sometimes create additional issues
  • No need for anyone to take control of your computer and office infrastructure

Enhance searching capabilities

Automated email and reporting

Ability for us to partner with companies providing ground-breaking applications

  • Integrated Google maps with synchronized dual view
  • Fax integration (optional)

Your Data: Reliable, Safe and Secure

Data Security is something we take very seriously and therefore have invested a significant amount of capital. You can have peace of mind that your data is safe, secure and accessible at any time. Data is housed on very fast, stable and secure network infrastructure at our highly secure data centers. This also assures your data cannot be tampered, lost, or destroyed. Our data centers are located in Pennsylvania and redundancy backup at a collocation in Texas.

Data is transmitted using OC3 bandwidth, the fastest delivery method available in the market. This keeps Aspire running smooth and fast, no matter what broadband connection the user is using.

SMS/Text Messaging

Automated and ad-hoc alerts from the agent to the customer which can be customized to fit any agent’s needs, but are most commonly used for:
  • Policy renewal reminders
  • Binding confirmation of policies
  • Mass texting for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries
  • Agent-created messages for specific events such as payments posted, payment reminders, insurance recommendation requests, etc.
  • Customized messages to fit your agency initiatives and advertising plans

Mobile Device Access

Take your office with you. Have the ability to access your data including contacts, tasks, renewals, and more. This can be done from most web and wap-enabled mobile phones including:
  • Blackberry devices
  • Windows Mobile devices (Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, HTC, Palm, etc.)
  • Apple iPhone


Easily generate complete ACORD forms via our customized hybrid interface in conjunction with fillable PDFs. This is a revolutionary tool that simplifies ACORD form creation, deletion, editing, viewing, printing, and emailing.
  • CRM integration with the ACORD PDF

Comparative Rater

Given the policy information of a potential customer, our comparative rater partnerships will generate several quotes from various carriers rapidly and securely allowing for quicker turnaround times.

Agency Site Interface (Coming Soon)

A custom web interface in conjunction with the comparative rater which will allow agents to market their websites in order to provide their customers direct quoting capabilities. This will give even a small agency a tool to compete with much larger firms. All client information will load directly into Aspire without any intervention from a user.


AspireChat is an instant messaging application built into the system. From anywhere in the world and when logged in to Aspire, users within an agency are able to communicate with other team members.

Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Not only does Aspire provide agencies with a revolutionary system unmatched in the industry, we help you do your part in going “green.” How?
  • Allow people to work from home (lower fuel costs, less people in the office, etc.)
  • Use significantly less paper, if any
  • No servers in-house saves on electricity cost
  • No high-powered servers or additional cooling needed

Communication Taken to a New Level

Aspire’s communication methods and automation will make you wonder how you ever got by without them. From automated emails and text messages to clients to surveys, marketing tools, etc., you will always be remembered as their agent. Communicate with Underwriters just as easily directly through our system. All the while, behind the scenes, automated notes are being added for all actions to client files, saving you time and providing great E&O reporting.

There are many more features to Aspire and we are constantly working on adding more. Please contact us today for a complete demonstration or for additional information.
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