Insurance Agency Management Software

A customized software solution has turned out to be the most important requirement of every business and in almost every industrial sector. In fact, a solution in the form of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system has done wonders for many businesses around the globe. Understanding these business-specific requirements, Impowersoft strives to provide one-stop solution for Insurance industry. Our insurance agency management software, “Aspire,” is a blend of all the features and constraints, required by any insurance agency or insurance Agent. It helps them to manage, optimize and enhance their business processeses.

Why choose Aspire Insurance Agency Management Software?

  • Insurance agency management system with built-in CRM and intuitive user interface which helps you to manage your clients and business related information easily from one-stop.
  • Global access through Internet and mobile phones.
  • Cost effective and the most robust solution for your insurance agency.
  • Web-based CRM makes you more efficient as there are no installation requirements, relieving you of hardware issue and virus threats.
  • Updates are seamless and free, forever.
  • Built using latest technological platforms and frequently updated to make sure that it is meeting the latest technological advancements in the market.
  • Paper-less solution - No need to maintain piles of paper work since all of your important information is easily stored in Aspire and accessible whenever they are required.

Advantages of the Aspire Insurance Agency Management Software

At Impowersoft, we are focused on crafting state-of-the-art software solutions for our clients in the insurance sector using our skills and knowledge of the industry. Keeping this aspect in mind, we have developed a world class insurance agency management softwaresolution,which contains all the features, advantages and benefits that our customers (insurance agencies/insurance agents) need. The main advantages of Aspire are as follows:

  • Manage your prospects, customers, policies and claims like never before – Aspire’s user interface makes users feel right at home. The learning curve is minimal and you can rest assured that you will never have to enter any information twice.
  • Prominent CRM solution with user friendly interface – Aspire covers all of the business processes from within an agency - starting with setting birthday reminders to full social media integration via Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. It also provides complete marketing features such as surveys, emails, SMS and many others. More importantly it is easy to learn and use, making sure that every user can use to its maximum potential.
  • Advanced technological features – Our insurance agency management system is designed to meet the emerging technologies of the market. Aspire is built on the grounds of Microsoft technology and is a web-based and secure insurance agency management software. Moreover it provides integration features such as Google maps, fax and phone system integrations and it can work on your mobile device as well. All of these compelling attributes make Aspire the best solution for any insurance agency or insurance agent.
  • Aspire contains several other key benefits including data security, a chat application, Outlook interface, automated emails and text messages for your clients, PDF integration and several others, which suit and meet the requirements of insurance agencies.

To sum it up, with a sound understanding of the concept and the requirements of today’s insurance market, Impowersoft provides complete one-stop insurance agency management software which covers all of the business processes and workflows required by an insurance agency including customer management, document management and claims management. This, along with several other add-on features, make Aspire the best online insurance agency management system for the insurance agencies and agents.

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