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In today’s world, every business has a requirement of software that helps them to manage and optimize their business. Understanding this constant and growing need of technology and business requirements, we at Impowersoft provide world class tailored software solutions which suit your business needs.

Among others, Impowersoft has extensive knowledge in the insurance sector and its needed business processes. Moreover, it also has the expertise on software platforms from both Microsoft as well as open source. With this combined knowledge of two different platforms has enabled Impowersoft to develop a comprehensive insurance agent software named Aspire. In fact, Aspire is not just a insurance agent software; it is indeed a complete insurance marketing system.

Aspire covers all of the functions necessary of a typical insurance agent software but then goes well beyond the norm with it’s cutting-edge features which include all aspects of a complete insurance business process cycle, from start to finish. It not only manages and optimizes, but also helps in the enhancement of the business. Its advanced marketing tools make it a prominent insurance marketing system which helps our clients generate more leads and more prospects resulting into more business.

ASPIRE – Insurance Agent Software and a Complete Marketing System

At Impowersoft, we are always focused in your success and craft the most effective solutions to meet your business needs. Aspire is one of the best examples as it crosses the boundaries of your typical insurance agent software by also serving as a complete insurance marketing system. It helps an insurance agencies plan and implement many new and unique marketing strategies which help our clients maximize their output, resulting in increased closing and retention ratios. Aspire’s insurance marketing system features include:
  • Integration of social and business networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.
  • SMS/Text Messaging services – This includes messages for policies renewal reminders, policy confirmation messages, and mass texting for occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, customized messages to suit your agency initiative’s and advertisement plans and more.
  • Email integration via Outlook interface
  • FAX integration.
  • Chat application
  • Automated and ad-hoc newsletter creation and distribution
  • Ability to conduct and monitor results of real-time surveys

With all of these and many other ground breaking features to enhance your overall insurance business processes, Aspire, by Impowersoft, is the best insurance agent software.

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