Eli S
I just wanted to thank you for all your technical support thus far. The more I work with this program and get more and more familiar with it, I find that it’s really an amazing program and I’m blown away by its capabilities and functions. This is awesome! Thanks again for all your work.
Patty W.
When our staff asked during training, "What did you like the most about Aspire?" One client answered, "EVERYTHING!!!"
Chris B.
Overall, I was very pleased with how things [training] went and I can't wait to begin to use the system. Actually, I’m even more excited for you guys to get all the implementations of the suggestions that we had so that we can stop using our Doris system altogether!!
John A.
"Aspire is a very unique product. We were a part of the original beta program and have seen this software grow and improve over the last 2 years. If you’re looking for a product which can handle all aspects of your business, this is the product for you. It goes above and beyond basic agency management and gives you tools for automated marketing programs such as drip emails and newsletters. The flow is easy to learn and our employees love it. The customer portal is one of our favorite features and a must have for any insurance agency going forward. Finally, I have to comment on their support and customer service…I’ve never felt such personalized attention."
Anton T.
"Aspire has been a great addition to our office envornment. It has helped maintain constant contact with our customers and prospective customers which has been instrumental in our operation. I am happy that I made the decision to go with Aspire by Impowersoft as they are on the cutting edge of technology and a step ahead of the competition…which also keeps me ahead!"
Ross M
"Your system, even in its pilot stage, is superior."
Raza K.
"I don't think you guys know what you have here! This will shake up the insurance industry; nothing can do what this can and believe me, I've tried almost all insurance management systems. WOW! "
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Ross M
"Your system, even in its pilot stage, is superior."More