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Established in 2007, Impowersoft has vast expertise in developing cutting-edge software solutions. At Impowersoft, we have the skilled knowledge in sculpting and providing you with the most innovative services. Whether there is a custom software development requirement, mobile application development requirement, web design or development project, internet marketing or data management, we cover all of these sectors under one roof and prove ourselves to become your one-stop provider to meet your business needs.

Our key products include our CRM software, insurance agency management software / insurance agent software and property rental management software. These products have worked out to be the most effective solutions for our users. They have helped them to effectively manage, optimize and enhance their complete business cycle and thereby,streamlined their business processes and workflows.

Why us?

  • Microsoft Certified Partner
  • Expertise and knowledge in both the insurance industry as well as software development
  • Cost-effective solutions to suit your business needs
  • Expertise in domain knowledge with both Microsoft and Open Source platforms
  • SEO, business intelligence, web analytics, web and graphic design services, and more
  • Social media development, Phone/ Fax Integrations, SMS/ Text Message Integration
  • Significant experience in developing cutting-edge solutions
  • Custom software development
  • Mobile application development

Our Vision

At Impowersoft, inspiration meets innovation.We have complete domain knowledge and expertise on both Microsoft and open source platform to provide the most comprehensive insurance crm software / insurance agency management software solutions. As a result of this blend, we are able to craft the industry-specific software applications such as "Align," "Aspire" and "Atlas." All of our products, but especially Aspire (our insurance agent software / insurance agency management software),have become the best tools for our clients.

Our vision and mission are to provide you with the best products and services to help you to increase your overall business processes and your overall effectiveness. At Impowersoft, we TURN ON YOUR POTENTIAL!

Microsoft Registered Partner
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