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Aspire Continues to Raise the Bar


December 6, 2010

Aspire Continues to Raise the Bar

Impowersoft and the Aspire Team announce new features coming...


Enhancements are being made to policy transactions.

·            A policy can have more than one invoice, and an invoice can have more than one payment.

·            Ability to set up a transaction to have installment payments and schedule a reminder to activate each future invoice.

·            Ability to set up batch printing or emailing for upcoming installment invoices for a specific time frame.

·            Aspire will be able to handle partial invoice payments.


Ability to break down new business and renewal commissions for companies, carriers and employees based on policy type.  Ability to split agency service fees with your employees.


For outbound premiums, breaking down employee commissions based on installment payments will now be possible.


Incoming and out-going faxes will be available.  Impowersoft will be able to port your existing fax number to Aspire’s faxing system.

·            Aspire will recognize incoming fax numbers that are stored in contact files and automatically attach each incoming fax file to the appropriate contact file. 

·            Ability to add tags to each fax in order to enhance search capabilities.

·            Ability to fax documents that have been uploaded to or generated in Aspire.


As an Aspire customer, you will have access to one-way integration with EZLynxTMOne-way integration will be exporting information from Aspire to EZLynx.  Two-way integration with EZLynx is in development.


Our much-anticipated “Inbox” feature will be available with the following capabilities:

·         You will be able to easily upload documents to Aspire from anywhere on your computer with a few clicks of the mouse, if you are using a Windows®-based system.

·         You will be able to easily upload Microsoft Outlook® emails, notes, appointments and tasks to the appropriate Aspire module (e.g., Outlook appointments will be uploaded to the Aspire calendar) with a few clicks of the mouse.


The Customer Portal will be enhanced to include an alert window to notify the customer of any new uploads or communications from the agency.


Mail-merge capabilities (generating multiple customized, printable documents using a template) is another enhancement being loaded soon.




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