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April 10, 2009

aspireCHAT is here

Aspire is impower
soft’s revolutionary insurance agency management software allowing agents to do things like no other software before it.  aspireCHAT, a new feature within this ground-breaking software, went live this morning.  This feature alone was under development and testing for over three months and “had to be perfect before release,” said Hyder Naqvi, the company’s COO.


Communication is an integral part of Aspire, be it between users and their customers or internally with staff.  In addition to being able to set up automated emails to customers and team members, Aspire already allows the use of automated and ad-hoc SMS/text messages in lieu of emails, a first for the insurance industry. 

With aspireCHAT, the software is taken to another level for internal agency communication.  This feature, which will now be available for all users at no additional charge, acts much like the chat feature within Facebook in that the “buddy” list raises from the bottom right section of any browser and users can choose to chat with any user within the same agency.  It also goes one step further by allowing group chat amongst three or more users in one chat-room style window.

What does this mean for Aspire users?  Simply put, it allows users to accomplish more in less time, the goal of any agency.  Innovative features such as this, along with a long list of other items, continue to set Aspire apart from its competitors. 

For more information, please contact the Aspire sales team.

impowersoft Aspire Sales Team

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