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Impowersoft and ACORD


July 6, 2009

soft: Contributor and Adopter to the ACORD eForms

has always symbolized innovation, creating and utilizing cutting-edge technology to break new ground and set new standards.  Additionally, the company looks closely and selectively at choosing ideal partners that share the same philosophy.  Therefore, it is only fitting that when ACORD announced the eForms initiative, impowersoft would not just implement the technology but also volunteer to contribute to the effort.  ACORD is a non-profit standards organization for the insurance industry and in order to speed up the usability of eForms for the entire industry, impowersoft will be instrumental in assisting this worldwide organization in the creation of ACORD eForms, as the Web 2.0 infrastructure becomes more of a norm than a simple phenomenon.  These eForms will first be seen in Aspire, impowersoft’s revolutionary insurance agency management system.

Lloyd Chumbley, VP of Standards at ACORD states, “From an ACORD perspective, we are happy to see a new, innovative company recognize the value of baking ACORD eForms Standards into the software from the beginning.  ACORD is building new collaboration content into part of the fabric of what we do as an association so the combination of ACORD Standards and social content from the internet in a single product is very intriguing.  As ACORD develops similar content it will be interesting to see how impowersoft integrates this as well.”

The purpose of these new forms is to make the form update process much more efficient and cost-effective for ACORD subscribers, allowing them to adjust to new standards quickly.  “impowersoft has been a strong supporter of the eForms concept…in fact, they are one of the two leaders in the development of the Adobe formats for eForms.  ACORD forms need to be implemented for them to be of value to agents and the methodology adopted by impowersoft will allow forms to be timely, accurate and easily delivered to the end user,” continued Mr. Chumbley.

“We are honored to work with ACORD to develop forms which will be adapted by the entire industry in the future,” said Safeer Hassan, Impowersoft’s CEO.  With the Aspire product, Impowersoft sees the benefit of the new eForms in that form updates can happen within days, not months or years.

As the relationship between ACORD and impowersoft continues to gain strength, there is no doubt that we will see other innovative projects in the future.

For more information on ACORD, visit  For more information on impowersoft, visit  For more information on the Aspire insurance agency management software, visit

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