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Impowersoft Partners with Venali


April 17, 2009

 impowersoft Partners with Venali

impowersoft, maker of Aspire, a revolutionary new insurance agency management software, announces today its new partnership with Venali, an award-winning internet fax solutions company.  impowersoft will utilize Venali’s products and services for all incoming and outgoing faxes directly through Aspire.

impowersoft focuses on building ground-breaking, web-based solutions.  As such, it was seeking a partner with a similar focus that can provide a completely integrated fax solution, requiring no downloads or installations on the client computers, yet providing the broad array of features of a regular fax service.  Venali provided just that, with its Web Services API, enabling a seamless integration with Aspire’s Microsoft .NET Infrastructure.  “Successful agencies today prefer using some sort of eFax solution because it helps keep their processes more streamlined, promotes productivity and helps agencies adapt to a paperless environment,” said Safeer Hassan the CEO of impowersoft.  Users can now simply send and receive faxes directly from Aspire and link them to their client accounts in the system.  For agencies that want to go completely paperless, send/receive other faxes not relating to Aspire and/or want to tie-in their already existing Venali fax account from Aspire, they can choose to download Venali’s desktop client software as well.  This client tool will allow agents to fax any MS Word, PDF and several other supported formats directly from their computers. It will also track and archive sent and received faxes.

impowersoft has always looks for new ways in providing ground-breaking features in its software and custom applications, and this partnership displays yet another example of its effort, separating itself from its competitors. 

For more information, please contact the Aspire sales team.

impowersoft Aspire Sales Team

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