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$0Based on our core product, "Align," Aspire is the best web-based insurance agency management software the industry has to offer to insurance agencies and insurance agents. Aspire was developed on the technological grounds of, SQL - 2005 and has a 64-bit architecture. Moreover, it is a completely web-based insurance CRM software that allows our clients to manage their business processes more efficiently and effectively. A Web-based facility gives it the distinct advantage to be accessed from anywhere around the world. However, the major advantage is its portability feature because it can be accessed from a cell-phone too. As a result, a user can be constantly connected to his/her business when desired. In fact, Aspire is an all-in-one tool as an insurance CRM software,insurance agency management software, insurance agent software and insurance marketing system. $0$0 $0$0Some of the major features of ASPIRE are highlighted below:$0$0 $0$0$0$0A revolutionary intuitive user interface based on a CRM to manage all clients, vendors & employees $0$0A complete web-based system making it available from anywhere around the world, 24/7 $0$0Covers all of the modules of insurance such as policies, ACORD forms, claims and transactions $0$0A complete set of marketing tools for Emails, newsletters, questionnaires, surveys, mass electronic communication, SMS/text Messaging and drip marketing $0$0Access via cell phone devices such as BlackBerrys, iPhones, Androids and Windows Mobile devices. $0$0Integration facility with various comparative raters$0$0Detailed task management and tracking tools $0$0And much, much more.. $0$0$0$0Aspire is truly a ground breaking insurance agency management software which can be used by any agency, no matter how small or large. $0$0Please contact us to see a demo of Aspire in action and to find out how it can be used to change the way you run your business. We are certain that you will never look back.$0
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