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Mobile Application Development

Since the launch of high-end mobile devices (also known as smartphones) in the mobile phone market, their demand has been on a constant rise. Just like computers, there is a demand of software development for these high-end mobile devices, known as mobile development. Based on this demand for mobile development programmers, Impowersoft offers a wide range of solutions covering the entire spectrum of mobile devices.

Mobile development solutions at Impowersoft

Our solutions in mobile development include:

  • Custom mobile application development
  • Custom CRM application development for mobile
  • Wap-sites development
  • Mobile game development
  • Navigation software development for mobile
  • Management software solutions for mobile
  • Ecommerce development
  • Online catalog development for mobile
  • Custom CMS development
  • Industry specific software development
  • And much more…

Mobile development on various platforms

Our skilled mobile development team consists of experts on all the major mobile platforms.

  • Android development
    Android is a mobile operating system, offered by Google. It works on the open source frame work of Linux, C and C++. We are well equipped with the right experience and expertise in regard to open source platforms.
  • Blackberry development
    BlackBerry is a high-end handheld mobile device which is best suited for business users. Our mobile development service covers BlackBerry development to provide promising business applications for blackberry users.
  • iPhone development
    iPhone is a mobile device launched by Apple. It has its own unique Apple SDK (Software Development Kit), which consists of objective C, xcode and webservices. At Impowersoft, we provide some of the best mobile development services catered to the iPhone, iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 as well as the newer iPod devices.
  • Windows Mobile development
    Windows mobile phones work on a Microsoft framework and its SDK primarily includes Silverlight, XML and other Microsoft technologies. At Impowersoft, we are accredited with a Microsoft certification which proves our significant skills and knowledge in delivering contemporary services on the Microsoft framework. Moreover, we’ve provided promising services and solutions for windows mobile development.

Aside from the four above, there are other, less popular platforms that we cover as well. They include Java and Symbian. Our core and ground-breaking insurance agency management system, Aspire, works on mobile platforms as well. This serves as one of our best examples of mobile development services offered by Impowersoft.

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