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Mobile Application Development

WAP Sites

Having the ability to access important information from applications is crucial in today's business environment.  Since the majority of people utilize mobile phones, PDAs, and other data-enabled devices, it is no longer acceptable to have long periods of delay in regards to communicating or accessing information on the go. 

WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) is an open international standard for application layer network communications in a wireless environment.  Our service includes being able to create WAP sites for applications that can be accessed literally from anywhere in the world.  WAP sites are websites written in, or dynamically converted to, WML (Wireless Markup Language) and accessed via the WAP browse

A WAP browser provides all of the basic services of a computer-based browser but simplified to operate within the restrictions of a mobile phone, mainly the smaller screens.

With WAP, we can provide interactive services that support:

  • Email and other communication methods
  • Inventory or other administrative panels
  • Customer information including full customer interaction to the application
  • Multimedia access
  • and much more


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