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Flash/Flex Development

Flash is a software development kit launched by adobe. It was previously known as macromedia flash and is a great tool in the development of rich internet applications. Flash development allows a developer to add animation and videos to websites.

Flash development

For the development of almost any web design and development project, flash development work as a key resource. It is utilized to give a dynamic look to websites and allows the integration of videos, audio files and animations. Our expert flash developers are able to create great flash development to provide customers with a high level of solutions in web design and development, development of rich internet applications, mobile application development and flash games development. With integrated features of animation of text, drawings and still images via vector and raster graphics, Flash helps develop the most elegant and eye-catching solutions. Major benefits and advantages of flash development are:

  • Integration of videos and audio streaming
  • Support animation along with vector and raster graphics
  • Used in the development of rich internet applications
  • Development of dynamic, elegant and robust websites
  • Used in game development
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Can work on both Windows and Mac

One of the major frameworks used in the development of flash development is adobe flex. Flex development is carried out on the grounds of flex, a software development kit by adobe based on the frame work of adobe flash. With the integration of scripting languages such as java, ajax, .net and php, flex development is used for creating rich internet applications and websites. Flex development supports cross browser compatibility and works on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

At Impowersoft, our software developers are masters in flash. This allows us to provide excellent solutions in flash development and flex development.

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