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Silverlight Development

Silverlight is a web application framework by Microsoft. Silverlight development works best when you need to develop rich internet applications (RIA) and integrates adobe flash, graphics, animation, audio files and videos. It was released in 2007 as silverlight 1 and we are now up to silverlight 4. Most web browsers support silverlight plugins; as a result, it is cross browser compatible and can be used on Windows or Mac operating systems.

Silverlight development is mainly used for the development of rich internet applications; however, it carries out many other development projects in various segments and provides great solutions for almost every industry. Silverlight development programming requires a framework and symphonizes with extensible application mark-up language (XAML) to use vector graphics and animations. It uses scripting languages as C#,, and software development widgets such as Microsoft expression blend, Microsoft expression design and Microsoft visual studio.

Silverlight Development at Impowersoft

Impowersoft is a Microsoft certified partner well groomed on various Microsoft technological platforms, including Microsoft silverlight. Our solutions in silverlight development include:

We have the expertise and experience on all versions of silverlight, starting from silverlight 1 to silverlight 4. This enables us to offer our clients solutions utilizing the latest technologies available today. Additionally, Microsoft gives you the assurance and security you need in development. A few of the most important attributes of silverlight development include:

  • Java, flash and 2D vector graphics support
  • Multimedia integrations in both audio and video format
  • .net framework integration
  • Excellent tool for Rich Internet Application development
  • And many more…

impowersoft understand each and every industry’s specific requirements and offers solutions built on the most appropriate technologies for their respective clients. With our accreditation from Microsoft, along with a professional and knowledgeable staff (who are certified on various Microsoft technologies), we are able to deliver brilliant services and solutions in silverlight development.

Microsoft Registered Partner
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